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Dizaynvip is a world-wide leading company in specially designed vehicles produced in Turkey by Turkish engineers and expert teams. Our company, which has transformed and functionalized nearly 4 thousand land, air and sea vehicles by using technology at the highest level for more than 35 years, maintains its leading position in the sector.

Founded in 1992, Dizaynvip today provides world-class service with its 20 thousand square meter modern factory and over 200 professional staff.

Our technology-focused approach aims to respond to the constantly evolving and changing needs that drive the transformation sector all over the world, bringing innovations to the sector. Our research and development activities include the use of the latest technologies to enhance the unique design and functionality of each vehicle.

In addition to being a globally recognized brand, Dizaynvip has also been deemed worthy of many international awards. In 2013, it won the Best Automobile Design Award in Europe at the International Brand Leaders Summit, and in 2014, it was deemed worthy of the "Company Using Technology Best in Automobile Design in the World" award at the prestigious US organization IMA IMPACT Technology Summit in 2014.

In addition to Turkey, Dizaynvip exports specially designed vehicles to many countries such as the USA, UAE, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Germany, England, Poland, Montenegro, Denmark, France and Italy. We constantly work to meet the demands and designs that our customers do not expect and to provide them with the highest quality products and services. Discover with us the special design vehicles of the future equipped with technology.